the 4 new features that will change your iPhone

While Apple was waiting for WWDC and a first preview of iOS 15, Apple deployed iOS 14.5 on April 26, 2021. This tentative update doesn’t revolutionize the Apple Mobile operating system, but it does bring some welcome new features that will improve the everyday use of iPhone. We take stock.

Unlocking your iPhone with a mask is now possible


This is arguably the coolest feature in Update 14.5. While protective masks against Covid-19 are part of our daily lives, it was previously impossible to unlock the iPhone by wearing one.

With iOS 14.5, you no longer need to enter a code to work around this problem. If you have an Apple Watch. As with MacBooks, you can now automatically unlock the iPhone if you have a pommée watch on your wrist.

To activate this function, an update of watchOS is also mandatory. You can then activate the “Unlock with Apple Watch” function on the “Face ID” and “Password” tab in the iPhone settings.

This feature is compatible with all iPhones released after the iPhone X and all Series 3 Apple Watches.

App Tracking Transparency: The Feature That Sucks Facebook

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As Apple fans know, the company is very committed to the security of its users’ data. With iOS 14.5, it’s another step in the fight against personal data usage with App Tracking Transparency.

This new feature allows you to block (or not) the tracking of your browsing on applications or websites. This novelty makes online advertising professionals cringe. The company that has been criticized the most against Apple is undoubtedly Facebook, which has estimated its advertising revenue to drop by around 50%.

Siri is improving, especially in English

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To improve inclusivity, Siri can now speak in four different voices, two male and two female. They support Neural Text To Speech and better reflect diversity. Unfortunately, this novelty is only available in English.

We can count on other small improvements to comfort us. Siri can now announce incoming calls through compatible AirPods or Beats headphones. A stranger can call 911 if there is a problem with the iPhone owner. Finally, Siri can initiate group FaceTime calls.

Update reminders and podcasts

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Apple is taking advantage of the iOS 14.5 deployment to update two very popular home applications. While waiting for the brand new Podcasts app slated for May 2021, the American is improving its user interface a bit. Now the pages for the shows are clearer. You can download episodes and automatically add them to the library.

The Reminders app is also being revised. In a new menu, you can now sort the various lists by creation date (or due date), title or priority. And since messages never come alone, you can (finally) print your notes.

What else ?

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Of course, iOS 14.5 brings other improvements that we consider smaller. Either because they cannot be seen or because they are reserved for certain countries.

In short, in addition to the arrival of new emojis, American and Chinese users can now report an accident on Apple Maps. Voice control for accessibility now works in Spanish. The battery of the iPhone 11 has been recalibrated, Apple Fitness + (not available in France) has been improved and of course new AirTags are supported.

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