With the support of Mark Zuckerberg, OpenClassrooms achieved a great fundraiser

Since he was 13 years in fourth grade, little Mathieu Nebra had an idea: to create a website. However, the resources that will exist in 2021 to learn how to build a website (not to mention the numerous no-code / low-code solutions) will not exist in 1999. Mathieu therefore has to go to a bookstore to try to find a book that may be of use to him. Big disappointment when he discovers that all of the books in existence are intended for a professional audience inaccessible to beginners.

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Mathieu doesn’t give up, however, and decides to take one of these books to readjust it for a novice audience. He then created the Site du Zéro to share his first free online course. In 2007, given the success of Site du Zéro, Mathieu Nébra and his partner Pierre Dubuc created a company in which they invested full time in 2009.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative participates

Today, almost 12 years after the founding of this company and 22 years after the founding of Site du Zéro, OpenClassrooms employs more than 300 people with offices in Paris, London and New York. Above all, OpenClassrooms consists of more than 3 million people per month who are trained in various areas, not just related to web development.

On April 28, 2021, OpenClassrooms sent us a press release to announce an exciting event in its development: a $ 80 million fundraiser in Series C. The fundraiser was led by Lumos Capital Group and new partners have theirs as well Entry into corporate capital. This applies to both GSV, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and Salesforce Ventures. General Atlantic and Bpifrance, two partners who have supported OpenClassrooms since its inception, renew their commitments.

While the pandemic has disrupted many industries, online education is one area that has exploded in these dark ages. In the first quarter of this year, OpenClassrooms recorded a sales increase of 140% compared to 2020. At the same time, the company’s sales increased by 250% within one year.

Finally, Pierre Dubuc, CEO and co-founder of OpenClassrooms, said of the fundraiser: “We are particularly pleased to welcome Lumos, GSV, CZI and Salesforce Ventures among OpenClassrooms investors. This new round table will allow us to further increase our impact by inviting even more students to our training or retraining programs – in France, but now also around the world. Thanks to this new round table, we benefit from the expertise of leading partners in the fields of education, personnel development and impact investing. We look forward to your support to make education more and more accessible. “

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