Google has saved money by teleworking

Teleworking saves Google money. This emerges from an article by Bloomberg that publishes documents released by the SEC, the US regulator for financial markets. While employees were working from home, the company was able to avoid certain expenses.

“Selling and marketing expenses increased $ 16 million between the three months ended March 31, 2020 and the three months ended March 31, 2021. The increase is primarily due to a $ 368 million increase in compensation costs, an 8% increase in the workforce. This increase was largely offset by the decrease in advertising and promotional expenses, as well as total travel and entertainment expenses totaling $ 268 million, mainly due to COVID-19, ”we read in this document.

This means that Google could have saved more than a billion dollars in a year thanks to teleworking and online events (instead of physical events). Nevertheless, if possible, Google is planning a different operating mode.

While some companies allow employees to telework indefinitely, Google plans to introduce a hybrid operation that will allow some employees to telework only part of the week.

“We are testing a hypothesis that a flexible work model will lead to more productivity, collaboration and wellbeing. No company of our size has ever developed a fully hybrid workforce model – although some are starting to test it – so it’s worth trying, ”the Google boss reportedly told employees in a note we posted in December have forwarded.

In order to adapt to this new way of working, Google is planning to redesign its premises.

On the way to normalcy for Google products?

In any case, Google should be less disrupted by the health crisis than it was in 2020. As a reminder, while the company was telecommuting its employees, it decided to suspend certain updates and prefer updates for security reasons at the expense of new features. On the other hand, the Google I / O conference was canceled.

This month, in May 2021, Google will organize a virtual I / O conference where the company can showcase its innovations, especially software. In fact, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai recently said there would be “important product updates and announcements.” Google’s product release rate would also be more regular than in 2020.

While Android 12 is already being tested in the preview, rumors are also circulating about Google’s upcoming flagships. The company is set to release the Pixel 5a, which, according to unofficial sources, has almost the same spec sheet as the Pixel 5.

But the real surprise might be the Pixel 6. Rumor has it that this one could use a chip designed by Google in place of the Qualcomm chips. In addition, Google could also launch its first foldable smartphone this year.

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