Spotify can now be listened to directly … in the Facebook application!

Good news if you’re a fan of Facebook and Spotify, as the two platforms have decided to join forces. Specifically, the latest version of the Facebook application (on iOS and Android) supports Spotify natively via a small dedicated player. So handy for anyone who wants to exchange Spotify links on Mark Zuckerberg’s network.

A Spotify mini player on Facebook!

Like a web link, sharing a Spotify song on Facebook requires those who wish to listen to it to leave their preferred social network and launch the Spotify application. To optimize the user experience, Facebook and Spotify have jointly developed a mini audio player that is directly integrated into the social network.

At Spotify we state, ‚ÄúDiscovery is important to Spotify. That’s why we’re improving the way users share and interact with songs and podcast episodes by introducing a new mini-player experience based on social discovery. A discovery that allows listeners to enjoy the Spotify audio experience directly on Facebook without having to switch between applications. “

If you click on a Spotify link in Facebook, the Spotify Premium subscriber can listen to the track in question without leaving Facebook. He can then continue to scroll through his news feed and use this new piece that was recommended to him a few minutes earlier by one of his contacts via a mini-reader located at the bottom of the screen.

This new feature is being used in many countries, particularly the United States, Australia, Japan, and Malaysia. It should be available in France in the coming months, Spotify explains.

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