The Nike x PlayStation 5 pair is slated for release in May

You can buy the Nike x PlayStation 5 sneakers before you have even had a chance to purchase a console. Although the PS5 launched more than 6 months ago, it is almost impossible to find a console in stock today. However, as part of a partnership with Nike, Sony is preparing to showcase its pair of trainers in the colors of the console. Getting your hands on a pair is likely to be particularly difficult on stocks, too.

In this type of partnership, stocks melt in just a few minutes. Lately, the Travis Scott-Air Jordan 6 Retro ‘British Khaki’ collaboration has gone as fast as it appeared on Travis Scott’s website. Fortunately, there will be a new drop on Nike SNKRS tomorrow at 9am, but again it will be necessary to be sharp. To get back to the Nike x PlayStation 5 sneakers, it should be released in May with no further details on the date.

Nike x PlayStation 5 sneakers for 110 euros

According to Instagram account @laceuphk, the pair should be available in blue and white with multiple PS5 logos on the shoe. In terms of price, Sony and Nike would have agreed to $ 110. We are far from the 250 euros it takes to get the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 Retro ‘British Khaki’.

As in 2018 when Nike and Sony unveiled a Playstation x Nike PG 2.5 pair, it is again Paul Georges, the Los Angeles Clippers winger, to lead this latest collaboration. While there is already a lot of interest in this pair, neither Nike nor Sony are interested in sharing further information about this collaboration. For those who prefer the console to sneakers, our updated real-time guide has information on where the PlayStation 5 is in stock.

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