The PS5 is already outperforming the PS4 sales curve

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic causing major supply and inventory problems for consoles, the PS5 is starting its career on the hats of the wheels. The latest machine from Sony exceeds all expectations and surpasses the excellent PS4 sales in the same period.

7.8 million PS5!

© Sony

It is therefore no less than 7.8 million PS5 that have found buyers since their introduction in November 2020. Quite an incredible number in times of scarcity that manages to get a small feat: surpass the PS4’s excellent numbers over the same period. In fact, 7.6 million consoles were sold on the PlayStation 4 in April 2014. At this point in time, the Sony machine was not experiencing any significant bottlenecks. In addition, seven years later, Sony proudly announces that its machine has now reached a high of 115.9 million units sold.

The PS5 thus achieved a pretty solid first quarter with 3.3 million consoles sold.

STAT PS5 SALE DATE November 25, 2020 2.3 million December 31, 2020 4.5 million March 31, 2021 7.8 million

VGChartz’s numbers last month therefore seemed correct. The PS5 had caught up with the PS4 well and managed to overtake its big sister a few weeks later.

PS4 SALES DATE PS5 SALES DATE December 1, 2013 2.1 million November 25, 2020 2.3 million December 31, 2013 4.2 million December 31, 2020 4.5 million March 31, 2014 6 million March 31, 2021 7, 8 million

Sony announces that the PlayStation Plus now has 47.6 million subscribers. That’s an increase of 6.1 million players in one year. The number of active players on the PlayStation Network has fallen slightly and is now 109 million compared to 114 million in the previous year.

When it comes to games, Sony is still delivering great results. More than 61.4 million titles were sold on PS4 and PS5 in 2020 (up from 65.4 in 2019). First-party games (therefore productions exclusively for PlayStation consoles) generate sales of 7.9 million euros. That’s about 13% of purchases. A great success thanks to The Last Of Us Part II, Spider Man Miles Morales or Ghost of Tsushima.

The future of Sony and PlayStation therefore looks bright, with a shortage that (we hope) should end this summer and great games like Returnal, Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart or Kena Bridge of Spirit this summer. We haven’t heard from the PS5 yet!

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