The subway ticket was replaced by… your bank card this year

French metropolises continue to invest in the dematerialization of their transport tickets. The main method is to scan the ticket on your smartphone. The city of Lyon has been offering it since November 2019 (only for Android).

Nonetheless, from next autumn the Lyoner will be able to discover a new method that does not take the smartphone into account. According to the mixed union in charge of public transport in Lyon (Sytral), relayed by Lyon Mag, a system will be available that will replace the metro ticket with our bank card.

The bank card instead of the smartphone

The negotiations between Lyon and Apple’s public transport system to make the e-ticket application available for iOS seem to be time consuming and complex. The Sytral website still says that an iPhone version is not yet available because Apple does not yet allow this service.

In the meantime, the bank card solution has been introduced so that all users can use the subway, buses and trams without going through a paper ticket or plastic card.

The system is simple: in autumn 2021, new terminals will be installed where travelers can pay with their contactless bank card. Then all you have to do is swipe your card through the turnstiles or the bus and tram terminals. She will pass on the information about the remaining balance of the transport ticket.

“Our goal today is to simplify the buying process and give users of the TCL network more freedom until ticketing is completely renewed in 2022 and magnetic tickets are gone in favor of contactless tickets. Rechargeable,” said the President of Sytral in a Press release.

Will you agree

The question now arises whether the adoption will be successful and effective. With mobile payment (by smartphone), your bank card no longer has to be removed. The interest should not be disturbed by the maximum amount of contactless card payments, but also for security reasons.

The decision to use our debit card every time you get on public transportation may not lead to the expected success of making it easier to pass through train stations and make buses and trams easier to use. I can’t wait for iOS users to use the “e-ticket” application that Paris and the Navigo Pass offer.

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