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Managing a growing SME is a complex task, but oh so exhilarating. In addition, the pandemic has not slowed the French craze and INSEE recorded 848,200 startups in 2020, up 4% year over year. These newcomers are usually small structures that rarely employ more than three people.

To stand out from the competition, managers need to demonstrate real adaptability, but they also benefit from the motivation of their teams. The key to success remains the acquisition of new customers and their long-term loyalty. Product removal and resource management are also primary goals. Salesforce has compiled a free guide that includes five tips to help your business be more productive.

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Choosing the right CRM to get your SMB off the ground

The authors first come back to the need to adopt the right tools. The use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential in this context. With this solution you can simplify the relationships with your customers.

At first glance, an SME that is still in its infancy can communicate with its customers using simple office software. Sometimes noting it manually is enough. However, over time, your employees can make unnecessary efforts and become disorganized. This loss of efficiency is one of the most obvious signs that you need a good CRM.

Once you’ve made your decision, you have two options. Hosting the tool on an internal server requires purchasing dedicated hardware and then installing software. Maintenance work and regular updates are also expected. This is a significant cost for a small structure.

The other option is to use a CRM hosted in the cloud. The advantage here is that you don’t need an IT team for day-to-day management. You can access all of your data from any browser. Because of this, many companies choose this solution, which requires less investment and can be implemented very quickly.

Improved efficiency by automating tasks

One of the great advantages of CRM is that you can centralize your data on a single platform. Leave the handyman to the competition and concentrate on the essentials. Given the complexity of day-to-day management, it is important to have a comprehensive system in place. Obviously, multiple skills and tools will always be used in your company, but these are grouped together in one place for simplicity.

Thanks in particular to the Salesforce AppExchange, you will find an environment in which several solutions are integrated that are adapted to the different business areas of your SME. In particular, an email app is provided to manage communication with your customers. Salesforce also integrates seamlessly with the Google Workspace suite of applications, which many companies are already using. Same goes for Dropbox storage tools or even Evernote.

This use of the cloud is only the first step in increasing productivity. Indeed, this tool should be used effectively. After mastering, you can use CRM to automate certain tasks.

For example, when a prospect attends an event, they’ll be marked as “present” and their case will be transferred from marketing to sales. A reminder function can then be set up to contact the customer in the coming days. The CRM therefore triggered several tasks without an employee having to intervene.

An overview of your goals

This process can be used for many other cases and we can see here all the power that such a tool can bring to managing your business. This saves so much time that your reps can use it to improve customer loyalty or develop new products.

A CRM solution is also a real asset when it comes to mobility. By centralizing data in the cloud, your company can manage its activities from anywhere in the world and on any device. Suffice it to say that at a time when teleworking has become the norm in many businesses, this will bring a very welcome fluidity. It is also an asset to your traveling employees. This allows sales reps to get their files right away when interacting with customers.

Finally, the Salesforce guide goes to an important point for an SMB looking to grow: how to simplify activity reports. CRM is ideal for thinking about your goals and visualizing key indicators. With just a few clicks you get the data you want. For a business manager, it is therefore a guarantee to have clear information in order to make the right decision.

Download the free white paper

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