This is your opportunity, come and vote for the new Microsoft Office standard font

Calibri has been the standard typography for Microsoft Office software, and word processing programs in particular, for almost 15 years. 15 years is a long time. And Microsoft wants change. Starting next year, Calibri will no longer be the default font. But who is replacing it?

Who should replace Calibri?

Microsoft chooses not to make this decision alone. The company therefore turns to its users to ask for their opinion. She selected 5 typographies, all without serifs, but which, despite this sport, have very different styles. From now on, your opinion on this pick is available to help the Redmond Company pick their standard typo for 2022.

In detail, this selection includes the tenorite, created by Erin McLaughlin and Wei Huang, the Skeena, created by John Hudson and Paul Hanslow, the Bierstadt, created by Steve Matteson, the Seaford created Tobias Frere-Jones, Nina Stössinger and Fred Shallcrass, as well the Grandview created by Aaron Bell.

We need to talk. What should our next standard font be?

– Microsoft (@Microsoft) April 28, 2021

As of now, Microsoft has added these 5 typographies to the huge list that is already available in its office software. This allows users to test them out and answer surveys set up by the company to help them make their final choices. Once the decision is made, the new 2022 default font will appear in Microsoft Office applications.

You can also find all the interviews of the creators of these 5 new typographies on the page Microsoft has dedicated to this topic. In December 2019, Microsoft made some changes to its symbols and the Windows logo. If Google and Apple are often used as an example of design, Microsoft also has extensive know-how and has continued to develop its Fluent Design System since 2017.

For the nostalgic, don’t panic, if Calibri leaves its standard typo starting next year, it will always stay on the list. To vote, go to the company’s social networks.

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