Watch out for these SMS, your Android smartphone might regret it

The problems continue in the chapter on malware spread on Android smartphones. For the second time a dangerous SMS is back in France. Without paying attention, it’s easy to be fooled. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get rid of. Read on before it’s too late.

Don’t click this SMS (you will regret it)

Let’s talk well: the SMS that attack Android smartphones are in the form of a transit notice from a delivery company (mainly DHL in France). You will be notified that a delivery has been missed, followed by a link inviting you to follow the delivery and receive your package.

It’s all just primer. It’s hard to notice, however. Once the link is clicked, our colleagues at Journal du Geek explain that an interface is displayed that is very similar to that of the delivery company. You will then see a link to download an APK file. See him as your own worst enemy.

At this point, after clicking the link and opening the site, there is only one step left before the drama. So look no further and get out of here. The APK file is the famous malware called Flubot that is also affecting our English neighbors today.

The website explains that the download must be accepted in order to track the package in question. However, beyond all of these steps, understand that it is not DHL or any other company, that there is currently no package in the routing phase and that it is best to remove it as soon as possible.

Now we come to the complex cases. What if the APK file and malware are downloaded?

Radical problem radical reaction

Why are we talking about threats with this SMS and malware? What is he actually doing? Flubot is particularly persistent because it works in the background, isn’t recognized by the Android security system, and doesn’t appear as a Play Store app that can be quickly removed from the internet.

Here, Flubot analyzes and records almost all of your activities, paying attention to your passwords, your contact details, whether for social networks, banking applications and much more.

Unfortunately, the APK file of the downloaded SMS may be enough to confirm that your Android smartphone is affected. Only a good Android antivirus can put you off and block the download.

To solve this problem, we only recommend that you invite you to restore all the default settings of your Android smartphone. This causes all data, apps and caches present on your device storage to be deleted. However, this is your only chance to avoid the worst.

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