Why is Fortnite not available in Microsoft’s xCloud?

Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) was launched in November 2019 and, as the name suggests, is a cloud gaming service developed by Microsoft. On this platform you will find the largest publishers in the video game industry such as EA, Take-Two or even Ubisoft. One thing is missing, however, and not least because Epic Games is not on the Xbox Cloud gaming list. The reason for this absence is simple: Epic Games sees Xbox Cloud Gaming as a competitor.

The lawsuit between Apple and Spotify begins on the hats of the wheels

Epic Games, which will soon be on trial against Apple, must first answer questions about xCloud. When Joe Kreiner, vice president of business development at Epic Games, raised the issue, he said, “We thought Microsoft’s efforts with xCloud were competitive with our PC offerings.” Although Joe Kreiner confirms that he is unfortunately it does not appear in any way in the final deposit.

Epic Games tolerates GeForce Now, but not xCloud

While Epic Games claims to perceive xCloud as a competitor, it is possible, for example, to play Fortnite via GeForce Now, the cloud gaming service developed by NVIDIA. Again, the reason is very simple. GeForce Now lets you play games that you previously purchased on Steam or the Epic Games Store. In contrast to this, all transactions in xCloud have to be processed through Microsoft.

This is exactly what Epic Games criticized the App Store in its lawsuit against Apple. The studio believes that any application should be able to run its own payment system without going through the app store, which takes commissions. We therefore better understand why Epic Games is not present in the xCloud project, since in this case Microsoft behaves in the same way as Apple does in the App Store.

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