Google is preparing to launch new connected objects

In 2020, the pandemic forced Google to cancel its I / O conference. But this year there will be a conference that will take place (virtually) from May 18th to 20th. This 2021 edition is celebrated to mark the fifth anniversary of the Google Assistant (which replaced Google Now on Android smartphones).

And obviously, Google is preparing to make some major announcements related to its digital assistant. In a blog post, the company also mentions the launch of new products associated with the Google Assistant.

“Expect what happened in Assistant over the past year, new product announcements, feature updates, and tool changes,” the article reads.

Google also mentions a keynote on connected home: “To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Google Assistant, we’re going to share our journey to the smart home and the things we’ve learned along the way. We’ll also look at the product vision and new product announcements, and showcase great wizard experiences created by our developer community. “”

Unfortunately, Google gives no further information. According to our colleagues at Android Authority, however, the company could add new cameras or security systems to its Nest range.

In any case, Sundar Pichai, the head of Google, has already hinted that there will be some important announcements during this event (probably an indication that the 2021 edition of Google I / O will be virtual but not a light execution ).

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