In which places is the health passport used in France?

Recently the French government announced the implementation of a new feature in the TousAntiCovid app. With the designation “Carnet” you can save the positive or negative result of a Covid-19 screening test, but now also the vaccination certificate. For those who do not own a smartphone (23% of the population according to the publisher’s 2019 data), this device is also offered in paper form. In the event of an inspection, you can prove your situation to the police.

Originally, the executive presented this initiative to facilitate travel to Corsica and overseas territories or, from this summer, travel to other countries of the European Union. Foreign Minister Cédric O, who is responsible for the digital transition, closed the door to the use of this tool in the daily life of the French. However, the government did not rule out using it in places with a high concentration of people.

Emmanuel Macron wants parliament to debate his project

This is the option chosen by Emmanuel Macron. In an interview with the regional press yesterday, he revealed the main phases of this new deconfining. The idea is taken up to use this digital certificate from June 9th. Specifically, cultural venues, fairs, fairs, sports venues and all kinds of events attended by more than 1000 people are authorized to adopt this health passport to welcome the public.

The French head of state affirmed in this interview that this option “will never be a right of access that distinguishes the French. It shouldn’t be compulsory to go to everyday places like restaurants, theaters and cinemas, or to visit friends. “He adds,” On the other hand, in places where crowds mingle like stadiums, festivals, fairs or exhibitions, it would be absurd not to use it. “”

The President is aware that this project is politically very sensitive and should not be unanimous. He therefore announced that Parliament would take up the issue and that “the debate must be open”.

There is also no doubt that the CNIL will follow these announcements very closely. The independent administrative authority recently validated the principle of the health card. However, she was “particularly vigilant with regard to the possible development of such a system in view of the risks it could pose to the rights and freedoms of individuals”. “”

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