Instagram Live when Facebook copied … Clubhouse (twice)

Since the beginning of the year, the media has been talking about Clubhouse, this application that allows users to chat in audio lounges. Clubhouse is currently only available for iOS. As part of the launch, the service is only available by invitation.

However, there are already many competitors to Clubhouse. For example, Twitter is already testing an audio chat service called Spaces, which is currently accessible on iOS and Android. And a week ago Facebook announced an offensive in audio format. New features that will be available on the social network include a podcast player as well as a clubhouse-inspired feature called Live Audio Rooms.

And to complete its offering in audio formats, Facebook is also launching an equivalent of Clubhouse in the Instagram application. During a live broadcast on Instagram Live, users have the option to opt out of their video feeds, which results in repetition of the experience we had in clubhouse audio lounges. Instead of the video feed, Instagram shows the user’s profile picture on a display similar to that of the Clubhouse app.

Facebook is inspired by popular apps to improve its services

The fact that Facebook is inspired by Clubhouse comes as no surprise. The number one on social networks has a habit of taking inspiration from other apps in order to improve their own. For example, Facebook did not hesitate to copy Snapchat Stories to implement this format in the Facebook app, Instagram and WhatsApp. And today, the group’s stories have more users than Snapchat’s.

Recently, Facebook also took inspiration from TikTok videos when this app began to grow in popularity with young people. And now the band also starts with audio shows and the audio format in general.

Audio fairs, a phenomenon comparable to stories?

Now, as with the stories, expect the clubhouse audio lounges to be replicated across the internet. In any case, Daniel Ek, the head of Spotify, predicts that.

At the end of March, the company acquired Locker Room, which specializes in live audio. The technologies of this service are used to provide an enhanced live audio experience on Spotify.

In addition, Daniel Ek expects other services to offer similar functionality. Recently, he compared this phenomenon to stories replicated by many online services (including Spotify). “Stories now exist in one format on a number of platforms including Spotify, including, of course, Instagram, Snap, and many more,” he said, according to the TechCrunch website.

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