Samsung is preparing a whole new kind of foldable smartphone

If Samsung stays true to its first place in the ranking of the largest smartphone sellers ahead of Apple and Xiaomi, the Korean giant is also the undisputed leader in the foldable smartphone market. Unfortunately, Samsung wasn’t the first to introduce a foldable smartphone as Chinese manufacturer Royole overtook it on the wire. Nevertheless, the Korean company is considered to be one of the first manufacturers to bring this type of smartphone onto the market.

Despite some design issues that arose with the launch of the first Galaxy Z Fold in early 2019, Samsung bounced back by once again gaining customer trust. Next, Samsung will introduce a second Galaxy Z Fold, as well as a Galaxy Z Flip and a Galaxy Z Flip 5G. In this continuity, the company plans to launch the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 in July (we explain here why there won’t be a Galaxy Z Flip 2).

An upcoming announcement?

But that’s not all, several indications suggest that Samsung could introduce a brand new foldable smartphone in addition to the two already planned. A series of leaks make it possible to learn more about a potential phone that has an extra hinge that allows it to be folded into three parts. A development that fans of foldable smartphones seem to be particularly awaiting.

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It is currently unknown when Samsung will launch this new smartphone. However, if we are to believe the veracity of the rumors that are currently floating around, it is certain that this new line of foldable smartphones will see the light of day without delay. Samsung is also preparing for a comeback in the PC market with the introduction of its Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. Laptops specially designed for mobility.

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