“Start Track”, what is this new Netflix feature?

A few months ago, Lemon Squeezer was talking about ongoing tests for a new random read function. Depending on the device used, a “Shuffle” button may appear under each profile. Once this command is verified, Netflix will automatically launch content that that user should like.

A feature to start a track on Netflix

Today the streaming giant is introducing its new “Start Track” function. The latter is available directly when selecting the user profile, but is also located in the tenth section of the start page and in the navigation menu on the left of the screen. For Netflix, the goal is to avoid some users’ tendency towards “infinite scrolling” and to promote the cause with a fairly successful video, see below.

A function for starting a title that supports speech synthesis and is therefore responsible for starting a title (hence the name!). Should please the user. Netflix is ​​based on the content that it is already showing.

The platform can thus start a movie or series that the user has never seen, but it can also take the form of a movie that is viewed multiple times, of content that is in the user list, or even of content that has been viewed before started a few days and we haven’t finished looking at it yet. Of course, it is possible to switch from the content suggested by Netflix to other suggested content.

“Instead of looking for your next program, let it come to you. Whether you’re in the mood to be surprised by a new movie, documentary, series, or find the convenience of a classic, click “Play Title” and let Netflix do the rest. It’s that simple, ”explains the American group.

The goal of Netflix is ​​clearly that you can watch something on the platform as soon as possible. Engadget: “The sooner Netflix gets there, the less time you spend browsing the catalog and wondering why you still have your subscription.” It is not wrong …

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