This is how Xiaomi could increase the performance of its smartphones

Xiaomi would have a new idea to improve the performance of its smartphones. In a recently published article, the mysmartialis website shares a developer who says the Chinese manufacturer is working to virtually increase the RAM memory of smartphones using MIUM (the version of Android developed by Xiaomi for its smartphones).

When examining the MIUI beta code, this developer would have found evidence that Xiaomi is developing a virtual RAM storage system. Essentially, this virtual RAM would use some of the memory and provide some performance improvement.

At the moment, of course, this is a rumor. Therefore caution is advised. When Xiaomi starts this virtual RAM system on its smartphones, it is by no means the first.

For example, the Vivo X60 already uses a similar mechanism to expand RAM memory using internal storage. The device has 8 GB or 12 GB RAM, which can be expanded by a further 3 GB (virtual RAM). As Vivo explains on its website, “With Virtual RAM technology, a 12 GB X60 can effectively have 15 GB of RAM5. Enjoy the freedom to run multiple apps faster. “”

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