What are the new releases (films, series, etc.) for May 2021?

As usual, Netflix is ​​taking advantage of the arrival of a new month to refresh its catalog. The streaming service hopes to keep its place as the world’s leading streaming service. Thus, multiple original content such as series and films will continue to be highlighted. Here is the list of the new movies and series for May 2021.

Netflix series comes out through May 2021

Life On Board – Completed May 1st

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2: May 1st

Colony – Season 3: May 2nd

Nico Nickel, the garbage truck – Season 2: May 4th

Selena – Season 2: May 4th

Son of Sam: Endless Horror – Miniseries: May 5th

Jupiter’s Legacy – Season 1: May 7th

Girl Out of Nowhere – Season 2: May 7th

Vincenzo – Season 1: May 9th

Money at a Glance – Miniseries: May 11th

The Upshaw Family – Season 1: May 12th

Castelvania – Season 4: May 13th

Love, Death + Robots – Season 2: May 14th

Move to the Skies – Season 1: May 14th

L’Irréel: Incredible Testimonials – Season 3: May 14th

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Seasons 3 and 4: May 15th

Who Killed Sara? Season 2: May 19th

The second season, which is widely watched by Netflix users, is coming to Netflix very soon. Fans will be able to find the sequel to the Mexican series in a few days. As a reminder, this is a tale of death and revenge spanning several years.

Special – Season 2: May 20th

Jurassic World: The Cretaceous Camp – Season 3: May 21

The Neighbor – Season 2: May 21st

Lion’s Share: How African American Cuisine Changed the United States – Miniseries: May 26th

Ragnarok – Season 2: May 27th

The Nordic series returns to Netflix in just under a month and returns to this very special fantasy universe.

Eden – Season 1: May 28

Lucifer – Season 5 Part 2: May 28th

The official ending of the penultimate season of Lucifer hits Netflix in just under a month. It is an opportunity to find the devil for his final adventure.

The Kominsky Method – Season 3: May 28

Master of None – Season 3: May

The original series is entitled to its third season, but the official release date is not yet known.

Halston – Season 1: May

Netflix movies are out through May 2021

Bergman Collection – Autumn Sonata, Scenes from Married Life, The Seventh Seal: May 1st

Jacques Tati Collection – Season, Mon Onkel, Les Vacances de M. Hulot: May 1st

Alain Delon Collection – Plein soleil, M. Klein, Un cop: May 1st

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: May 1st

Imperceptible: May 1st

Carlos: May 1st

Staff Against Crime: May 1st

Lou! Small diary: May 1st

Piranha 3D: May 1st

Paul, Apostle of Christ: May 3rd

Milestone: May 7th

The Monster: May 7th

Super Me: May 8th

Truth or Dare Long Version: May 11th

Oxygen: May 2nd

Le Bal des 41: May 12th

Woman at the window: May 14th

I’m all girls: May 14th

The bad camp: May 14th

The rhythm of the jungle: May 14th

Our haunted house: May 14th

Fifty shades of gray: May 16

Babysitting 2: May 16

Ex Machina: May 16

Gladiator: May 16

Unfriendly: May 16

Army of the Dead: May 21

Mutafukaz: May 24th

Nail Bomber: The Terrorist Who Shook London: May 26th

Il Divin Codino: The Art of Aiming by Roberto Baggio: May 26th

Blue miracle: May 27th

Soy Rada: Serendipia: May 27th

The red turtle: May 27th

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