Where can you buy the iMac M1 (early 2021) cheaply?

Why is the iMac M1 cheap?

If we compare it to last year’s iMac, the iMac M1 is all the difference to a homemade M1 processor. It is this property that makes it inexpensive. In fact, Apple decided to forego its subcontractor Intel and design the chip that powers its iMac in early 2021. It is therefore pretty logical that the CPU is at the best price for the company, just like the final price of this iMac M1.

Additionally, you’ll see if you can find the best price for the iMac in early 2021, the resellers will have a lot to do with it too. Depending on where you can buy the iMac M1, promotions may be offered by stores rather than others.

Where can I buy the iMac M1 (early 2021)?


Without a doubt, it is really cheap compared to its full option version. But its benefits don’t end there. In fact, this iMac M1 computer has many other strings on the bow. Convince yourself of our selection below.

iMac M1 (early 2021): the benefits

1️⃣ Top performance 2️⃣ This new design, wow! 3️⃣ A better price with little memory

Yes, just because the iMac M1 is sold at the best price doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. In addition, the inexpensive model is offered with as much RAM as the others. It’s up to you whether or not you want to increase the memory of your iMac 2021. This is an important criterion for graphic designers or video game developers. For others, buying the iMac M1 ends mostly in software and design.

IMac M1 data sheet


The screen of the iMac M1 at the best price is exactly the same as that of the more expensive version. We can see that the iMac (early 2021) comes with a 23.5-inch panel (even if Apple officially says twenty-four) with True Tone technology. A cheap computer won’t have this solution, which is actually only found on Macs. The screen resolution of the iMac M1 is exactly 4,480 x 2,520 pixels: that’s 4.5 KB.

iMac best price in early 2021 © Apple

The pixel density of the iMac M1 is 218 pixels per inch. It’s ideal for watching series on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV +. The brightness of the iMac 2021 on the front display is 500 nits. Better price often also means reflections in the sun: this is not the case here. To continue our guide on how to buy the iMac M1, we recommend you switch to RAM now.

RAM: iMac (early 2021)

What is ram This is the component that allows your iMac M1 to open many apps at the same time, even at the best price. No matter where you can buy the iMac in early 2021, you know it always comes with 8GB of RAM. However, if you invest a little more, you know it can grow up to 16GB. This means that you don’t necessarily have to look for where to buy a console for your gaming sessions! In fact, the iMac M1 will do the job very well on its own. Great news.

Cheaper iMac M1 © Apple

Save the iMac M1

Another advantage of the iMac M1 at the best price: if you are looking for where to buy its versions, you will only find SSD. You should know that the SSD is much better than a classic cheap hard drive. In fact, this technology is just faster, and you can run greedy software like Adobe Photoshop without fear of potential slowdowns.

Apple offers several SSD storage options on the iMac M1, released in early 2021. The first, on the cheap iMac M1, is 256GB. This is the minimum. Otherwise, you can spend more on 512GB or 1TB of storage, but not the iMac M1 at the best price. Let’s finish with the SSD part by stating that finding a 2TB iMac in early 2021 will also unlock three additional colors, including yellow, which can be seen from afar.

iMac M1 best price © Apple

A successful design

To wrap up the spec sheet of the cheap iMac in early 2021, let’s talk about its external appearance. It must be said that Apple has gone the extra mile here! In fact, with the screen only eleven millimeters deep, the iMac M1 is quite simply the thinnest ever. Of course, that doesn’t take his foot into account, but it’s very good. Also note that the best price for the iMac M1 with stand is the same as that with a VESA mounting kit. Practical for wall mounts.

There are currently seven colors for the iMac M1. Regardless of the model chosen, four are available: blue, green, pink and silver. In contrast, purple, orange, and yellow are not sold for the cheap iMac M1. To choose the best price, you will have to give up these colors. But of course, whatever store you choose, you’ll find out where to buy the iMac in all its colors.

Where can I buy the iMac M1 cheaply? © Apple

Best iMac Price (Early 2021) M1

M1 processor on the iMac

Here we are at the end of our guide on where to get the iMac M1 at the best price. The opportunity for us to come back to the two qualities that make it a cheap computer. The first is obviously its processor. The iMac’s M1 is therefore designed directly on Apple’s premises. The latter will be installed in the huge headquarters in the form of a donut based in Cupertino.

The M1 chip is mass-produced by the supplier TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) in Asia. It can also be found in the fourth generation iPad Air, whose guide to buying at the best price is available here. The M1 CPU of the iMac at the beginning of 2021 is the same again in the “cheap” version and in the highest quality version. In truth, only the GPU changes as it only has seven cores on the cheap iMac M1, while on the iMac it has up to eight cores in early 2021, which isn’t the best price.

Where can I buy the iMac M1 cheaply? © Apple

macOS: Where can I buy besides the iMac M1?

The final crucial point in our guide to where to get the iMac M1 at the best price: the software. It has to be said that the operating system the iMac will run on in early 2021 is actually the same as it is on other Apple computers. At least as far as the younger ones are concerned. Mac Pro, MacBook Air, and even Mac mini also run macOS Big Sur. After macOS Catalina, this version gets a completely new design. In fact, it is often said that the user interface is easy to use for young and old alike.

In short, no matter where you can buy the iMac M1, its best price is ideal for the whole family. With the cheap iMac in early 2021, you can even edit important files remotely, as the M1 processor is the most powerful of all Macs. Better price, better performance: what more can you ask for? This iMac is a real tech monster.

iMac M1

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