How do you get more replies to your posts on LinkedIn?

With more than 575 million registered users, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the dominant professional social network. If part of the job search still doesn’t go offline, many are trying their luck on the platform as well. As a result, certain companies try to recruit profiles tailored to their needs while candidates try their luck with potential employers.

Three decisive success factors

With this in mind, many wonder how to increase their chances of getting attention. LinkedIn has just published a study on the subject. She focused on the business and the best way to get a response while sending a message. To do this, the social network analyzed millions of emails sent by employers to job seekers.

Specifically, we see three key elements in attracting attention. Message length is very important, and it is not surprising that shorter DMs resulted in a much higher and faster response rate than longer ones.

The time of delivery also seems to be crucial. The study showed that Tuesday is the day when the people contacted responded the most. On the other hand, weekend deliveries should generally be avoided, especially on Saturdays.

Finally, the authors find that personalized messages are much more likely to interest your interlocutors. They do, in fact, convey a sense of personal investment that is more important than when a person does a simple copy and paste.

As a reminder, LinkedIn introduced new features last year to help people hit by the economic crisis find work. Career Explorer can help you find retraining opportunities based on your skills. The platform takes the example of restaurant servers, a crisis-hit profession that has 71% the same skills as customer service specialists, a profession that is still in high demand.

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