Mobile cyber attacks are becoming a serious problem for businesses

Since the beginning of the pandemic, teleworking has become a reality for many companies. In this context, the use of smartphones has become a fundamental element for accessing certain critical information of a company.

This new reality carries many risks for these organizations. Check Point Software addressed this issue in a recent report.

Ransomware and phishing are on the rise

According to the authors, 46% of companies saw at least one of their employees download a malicious mobile application in 2020. These can pose a threat to the networks and data of these companies. The problem is all the more serious as four in ten smartphones worldwide are vulnerable. As a result, they could potentially be exposed to cyber-attacks and urgently need corrections.

In addition, the experts noted a 15% increase in the activity of banking Trojans, with possible user identifiers being stolen. These are sometimes hidden in apps that claim to provide practical information about covid-19.

Given these specific threats, organizations can no longer be satisfied with management applications for mobile devices. According to the Check Point Software report, Mobile Threat Defense-type solutions should be adopted. These defense tools are based on the combination of different technologies that can detect the most complex anomalies and attacks.

In any case, there is an urgent need for a response. According to a report from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, ransomware revenue rose 311% in 2020 to an estimated $ 350 million. This amount is most likely underestimated as victims don’t always report attacks.

When working remotely, experts also warn of a surge in phishing to catch employees who are increasingly dependent on email exchanges with their colleagues.

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