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It’s almost a free mobile plan. RED by SFR presents a very nice offer that should convince you. It’s been at least 5 years since we saw such an interesting deal. The same offer was briefly available last March before disappearing. If you want to be sure that you are getting this affordable mobile plan, then you don’t have to wait any longer.

The principle of the current RED deal is as follows: You take a 2-year mobile phone plan from RED by SFR (total costs: 24 x 15 € = 360 €) and in return the operator offers you a refurbished Class A iPhone 8. The latter has a value of € 309. In other words, if you decide to resell it outright, you will have almost gotten back what the package will cost you over 24 months.

See the RED by SFR offer

Usually RED by SFR is a no-obligation operator. In this particular case, you have to take out a 24-month subscription without the possibility of cancellation. That said, it won’t cost you next to anything thanks to this iPhone 8 that is on sale. Note that RED by SFR also offers a second argument: the associated 100 GB package benefits from a 25% discount.

A 100 GB cellular plan at a reduced price

By default, the 100 GB cellular plan from RED by SFR costs € 20 per month. As part of this RED deal process, the operator decided to lower it to just € 15 per month. So it’s already a nice discount that will save you € 60 per month on subscription. If you know the operator’s price competitiveness, this is a nice gift.

The content of this cellular plan is as follows: Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are included. As a bonus, you therefore have 100 GB of mobile data in France and a 13 GB envelope for the EU and the DOM. Calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited in these regions. So in the end it is an ideal package if you are planning to spend your vacation in Europe this summer.

All management of the mobile RED by SFR plan is done online. To register you need to use the form available directly on the operator’s website. At this point, you can also cancel your old subscription and keep your number during the transfer. The whole process is quick and free. You just need to have your RIO code (RED by SFR explains the method in detail).

The package is then also managed 100% online. This is done via a website or a mobile application, as desired. You can use these interfaces to track your consumption and manage your questions. Everything is optimized, the termination is also done in the same way. In the case of the RED deal, it takes at least 24 months.

For those who do not want the iPhone 8 and the almost free combination, RED by SFR always has the option of subscribing to a range of non-binding cellular plans from RED. The operator makes it possible to subscribe to mobile subscriptions of 5, 60, 100 and 160 GB at reduced prices. This is a great option too, although the RED deal is absolutely unbeatable.

To discover the RED deal, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR offer

A refurbished iPhone 8 is included

As we explained in the introduction, a refurbished iPhone 8 is part of the RED deal. The latter is worth € 309: It is a still up-to-date class A smartphone. It corresponds to the quality level of an outdated product. So you have a phone with an almost new battery and no scratches.

If you choose the RED deal, you have two options. Keep the iPhone 8 because you need it or sell it back. If you resell it (it’s unlocked) you can get more than € 300 in cash. This amount covers almost the entire cost of your cellular plan that you will be paying for over the next 2 years. In the end you are a winner.

If RED by SFR is also very competitive, the price of your 100GB cellular plan will stay the same for at least 2 years. The concept of the “guaranteed lifetime price” is banned today and no longer exists. The operators therefore have the opportunity to increase the prices from time to time. But with this RED deal, you’ll have at least the next two years of peace.

Is the iPhone 8 still interesting?

The answer is yes. If you intend to take a new phone with you with your mobile tariff, RED by SFR is the ideal partner. From a value for money standpoint, this RED deal is unbeatable. This has nothing to do with the commitment subscriptions offered by more traditional operators. This is where you don’t have to fund the cost of the phone over time: you get it for free right to the start.

Be careful as stocks of these refurbished iPhone 8s are limited. Granted, the promotion ends on May 5th, but stocks will probably run out sooner. If you want to take advantage of this virtually free mobile tariff, this is your chance. She won’t come back often in the months / years to come.

The mobile tariff and the RED deal can be found here:

See the RED by SFR offer

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