Clubhouse hasn’t forgotten about Android, a beta version has just been announced

For several months now, the media has not stopped talking about Clubhouse, the new platform that Internet users can use to communicate in audio lounges. It quickly attracted a lot of users and after seeing its popularity many companies have already taken inspiration from it.

However, access to the clubhouse is currently limited. Initially, the app is only accessible via invitation. And at the moment there is only one iOS version.

However, Clubhouse announced in January that a version for Android was in development. And the good news is that this one is on the right track. Recently Clubhouse announced the beta version of this Android version of its application.

“The Android BETA test begins. The Android version isn’t live yet, but we’ve started offering a rough beta to a handful of likeable testers. If you hear someone say they use Clubhouse on the official Android app, say hello! We look forward to welcoming more Android users to the clubhouse in the coming weeks, ”said an announcement.

A “stories” effect

It is currently unknown when this Android version will be stable and available to everyone. In any case, Clubhouse has an interest in releasing an Android application as soon as possible. Indeed, if this happens slowly, Clubhouse could lose many potential users to its competitors.

Currently, many platforms have already been inspired by their audio shows. For example, Twitter is already testing a service called Spaces, which is very similar to Clubhouse and is already available on Android smartphones. For its part, Facebook has launched a major offensive in audio format and will offer an equivalent to Clubhouse both in the Facebook app and on Instagram.

The format popular by Clubhouse is also expected to follow the same course as the stories. As a reminder, Stories is a format popularized by Snapchat. But this one was quickly copied from Facebook. Right now we have equivalents to these stories everywhere (on Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, in Google’s AMP technology, etc.).

Later on, we could also have features inspired by clubhouse lounges across the web.

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