Ethereum is setting new records and breaking the psychological threshold

Ethereum just crossed the $ 3,000 mark on Monday morning, a new high of $ 3,056 at the time of writing. The cryptocurrency has opted for this new course after a week of growth of more than 30% and a year of 2021 of 300%.

Why now ? The second largest digital token was developed for cryptocurrencies in a quieter environment than mid-April. Dogecoin and various Altercoins such as Binance Coin have experienced a less volatile phase in the last few days after a very impressive rally.

For its part, Bitcoin is quietly returning to face the psychological bar of $ 60,000 that has been the biggest drag in the past few weeks.

Let’s go to the 🌙! 🚀 #Ethereum

– Kike Wojnarowski Jr. (@ egomezjr93) May 3, 2021

In anticipation of a major order

The new Ethereum record could find its explanation more in an alleged contract of the European Investment Bank (enough to remind of an Austrian project from 2018). Last week a report caught on that a sale of digital bonds is currently being started on Ethereum’s blockchain network.

Ethereum is also in the process of releasing its new update to Ether 2.0. This is eagerly awaited by the community as it will fix the major bugs that weigh on the digital token.

His program plans to use “Proof of Work” to change the mining method to be more efficient and faster by processing more transactions during the decentralized validation.

Ethereum has distanced itself from Bitcoin in recent years by presenting itself as a trading brand rather than a safe haven. Many blockchain platforms, like selling NFT or exchange platforms to buy altcoins, use ether as a digital reference mark.

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