Facebook’s new argument for you to accept tracking on iOS 14.5

After a few months of waiting, iOS anti-tracking functionality is finally here. Recently, the Cupertino company introduced iOS 14.5, an operating system update that includes this new feature called ATT, or App Tracking Transparency. This essentially makes tracking iOS app users more complicated.

In this version, the applications must first ask the user for permission through a dialog box before they can access the IDFA. This is an identifier, the functioning of which is comparable to that of third-party cookies on the web, provided that it enables the Internet user to be tracked between several iOS apps.

Of course, this measure taken by Apple is supported by organizations like the Mozilla Foundation. On the other hand, it is the subject of fierce resistance from companies whose business models depend on targeted advertising on the Internet.

And among these companies there is Facebook. Since the ATT announcement, Apple and Facebook relationships have deteriorated. The social media leader has spoken repeatedly about the impact of this anti-tracking measure on small and medium-sized businesses that rely on targeted advertising to reach their consumers.

But now that Apple introduced this new iOS feature, Facebook is making a new argument to convince users to accept tracking when the iOS dialog box appears: it’s free! Essentially, the group on Facebook and Instagram is trying to explain to users that in order for these apps to stay free, they need to generate revenue through targeted advertising (and therefore users agree to be tracked).

As reported by The Verge, the company displays the following message on the screens of Facebook or Instagram users on iOS 14.5: “For this version of iOS, we need to request permission to track certain data from these devices in order to display your ads to improve. Find out how we will limit our use of this information if you don’t enable this device setting. We use information about your activity that you received from other apps and websites to: Show you more personalized ads and keep Facebook free [et] Help companies that rely on advertising reach their customers. “”

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Facebook wants to provide more context in terms of tracking and advertising

Facebook previously announced that it would post messages to provide further explanations to users of its iOS apps before accepting or rejecting tracking through IDFA.

“Since Apple has stated that providing additional context is allowed, an education screen will appear before Apple prompts them to help users make an informed decision about how their information will be used. It contains more information on how we use data for personalized ads and how we limit the use of activities that other apps and websites send to us if users do not enable this setting on the device. “A person in charge had stated in a ticket.

Right now we don’t know what impact this novelty from iOS will have on app developer incomes. It is worth noting, however, that while some are expecting an apocalypse, a study conducted prior to the launch of this feature indicated that many users may consent to ad tracking through IDFA.

Apple has already updated its developer guidelines to prevent apps from tampering with their users to accept tracking. In particular, it is forbidden to offer rewards to users who accept this tracking or to refuse to display the content to users who refuse to do so.

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