Former Netflix executive Michael Kail has been convicted of money laundering

The US Department of Justice has just convicted a former Netflix executive for accepting bribes from companies that use the platform. Michael Kail was Vice President IT Operations at Netflix from 2011 to 2014. Today the DOJ ruled that Kail is guilty of $ 500,000 in money laundering and fraud. In 2014, Netflix sued Michael Kail, accusing his vice president of IT operations of using his personal company to launder funds raised by Netflix affiliates.

After this ruling, Julia Mezhinsky Jayne, Michael Kail’s attorney, is disappointed with the US Department of Justice’s decision. She tells The Verge that this verdict is “inexplicable and clearly not supported by real evidence and the law”. Julia Mezhinsky Jayne and her client are planning to appeal. The attorney believes her client “was a tremendous asset to Netflix and contributed to its success as a high-tech company.” Following this announcement, Netflix has not yet commented.

Netflix continues to grow

Netflix, which, despite these complications, continues on its way, striving to maintain its leading position in the video streaming industry. The platform specifically won 7 statuettes during the 2021 Academy Awards, which continues to introduce new features and content. You must have noticed a new option called “Launch Title” that allows you to randomly launch content based on the user’s taste. One way for Netflix to avoid the infinite scroll phenomenon that can discourage many people in their research.

The company does not save on investments in the production of content either. Recently, the giant unveiled its strategy, which is to further establish itself in various markets by allocating budgets for local productions rather than just adapting American content.

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