he gets his account emptied because of a call, his story

Bank account hacks continue to plague the internet. In April a 57-year-old man from the camouflage department lost 850 euros after a “SIM swap”, reports France 3 Occitanie.

Although the fifty-year-old has refused and changed his bank card seven times at Banque Postale, he has still not got himself out of the hands of crooks who continue to charge him with money.

“It kills these scams! It kills not physically, but morally, ”he commented on the local TV station’s microphone. A mishap that unfortunately wasn’t the only one of the month. Many Android smartphone users have also fallen victim to powerful malware that is present in several popular apps on the Play Store.

Who will reimburse?

The scam that affected the 50 year old Tarn is not of the same nature as that of the 8 applications that were deleted from the Google Application Store two weeks ago. Instead of malware that was recorded in the background on our smartphone, the “SIM swap” technique highlighted this week arose from a phone call.

According to the victim, several text messages were sent to him in early April. The man discovered messages there that claimed to be broadcast by the operator Orange. It was found that his “application for termination had been taken into account”.

A few days later, after checking the status of his account with Orange, the man said he had received a call from an advisor. It turned out it wasn’t an Orange employee, but at the time “it was 05 63, so a local number, I wasn’t suspicious,” he said.

Unfortunately, that was enough to win the man’s trust. During the call, the bogus advisor told him it would be safer to change the account password after the cancellation message he didn’t create. This link allowed the crooks to take control of his line. The beginning of a nightmare.

The attackers were able to take control of his SIM card remotely. “My bank details have been saved on my phone,” he regretted. Within a few days, € 850 was taken from him, and changing bank cards seven times did not make it possible to put an end to these involuntary purchases.

According to La Dépêche du Midi, the fifty-year-old did not remain passive and filed a complaint with the gendarmerie while warning both his operator and his bank. Unfortunately no refund was given. “Under investigation” gave no answer to his request to the Banque Postale. Orange is still silent.

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