Here is the latest (pathetic) invention of anti-electric cars

As always, critics are everywhere as soon as an innovative concept gains importance. The electric car has been around for years, and while Antielektrik has been discreet, despite being active on social networks, they are choosing to make themselves heard in a new way. This weekend, a picture made the rounds of social networks, that of the connections of an electric charging station filled with minced meat.

In Germany, an average of 17% technical problems including vandalism occur

Pic, in Munich someone put minced meat into the connections

– Alex (@alex_avoigt) April 30, 2021

A growing hatred

An unprecedented situation that was photographed this weekend in Munich. The minced meat damaged the connections, they had to be changed to make the station functional again. While the minced meat attack is a brand new concept, vandalism at charging stations is increasing in Bavaria and especially in Munich. Hatred against owners of electric vehicles and especially against Tesla drivers has always existed.

One of the most popular methods of demonstrating anti-electric engagement is ICE-ing. This practice is simply to occupy the spaces reserved for charging electric vehicles with a thermal vehicle. Usually these are large diesel or gasoline cars such as pick-ups. The minced meat is a first.

It’s incredible that dozens of people show up together and think it’s a good idea to block an entire charging station en masse. Photo via @TeslaReporter on fb. #Tesla #LikeTesla #ModelS #ModelX # Model3

– It’s Kim Java (@ItsKimJava) September 22, 2019

In any case, the electric car is the future of this industry, and it isn’t a handful of refractory materials armed with ground beef shells that can successfully stop this development. So far, all major manufacturers are developing or considering electric vehicle design.

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