Humble Bundle is suing Steam

Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple should generate a lot of buzz this week. The publisher of Fortnite criticizes the tech giant for its 30% billing in the App Store with every transaction. This is exactly why Humble Bundle decided to sue Valve, the publisher of Steam.

The American company accuses the giant, which sells PC video games, of anti-competitive practices: “Valve is abusing its market power to ensure that publishers have no choice but to sell most of their video games on the Steam Store, where they are subject to the 30% Fee set by Valve ”.

“Publishers are reluctant to go through the Humble Bundle”

In its argument, which our colleagues at The Verge consulted, Humble Bundle estimates that Valve controls approximately 75% of the total PC video game market, which equates to $ 6 billion in sales. An amount that was only achieved thanks to this withholding tax of 30% for each transaction.

In detail, Humble Bundle considers itself a victim of Valve’s practices. The company also states that “publishers are becoming less and less willing to attend Humble Bundle events, reducing the quantity and quality of products available to customers.” They fear that buyers will resell their keys on other dealer sites, which would then expose them to law enforcement.

Among the other arguments put forward to prove the damage to competition we find the idea that no company has managed to break into the market, including Epic Games which promises developers a much better stake. In addition, Steam would prevent publishers from selling their games elsewhere for less money. Eventually, giants like EA and Microsoft decided to resell their games on Steam, which would demonstrate the platform’s power over its competitors.

Valve has not yet responded to these allegations. However, it can be imagined that the company has taken note of this and will respond in due course.

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