In the last few hours you can save up to 610 euros on smartphones, televisions and tablets

The event “Boost your Daily Life” is coming to an end at Samsung. Until midnight on Tuesday evening, you have the opportunity to multiply the discounts and benefits by purchasing a product on the brand’s official website. From smartphones to televisions, including refrigerators, tablets, and connected objects, there is something for everyone:

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Tuesday at midnight it will be too late

In this selection we will focus on specific products, but you can find all special offers on the events page. If we are not talking about connected objects and home appliances, the offerings are numerous. If you are looking for a specific product, check out the product page to see what is currently available. T.

Smartphones are obviously in the spotlight, and the lack of inventory on the A52 is easy to explain. For the other models, offers such as this immediate reduction of € 50 for the Galaxy S21 remain exclusively available in the Samsung Store in 256 GB. In addition to this discount, you can take advantage of a trade-in bonus of € 150 for your Galaxy S21 old smartphone, 2-year insurance offered, as well as accessories (Buds Live and wireless charger). The redemption bonus is particularly interesting and enables you to benefit from a reduction of up to 610 euros.

The Galaxy S21 isn’t the only Samsung smartphone that offers advantages. This applies in particular to the Note20 range (€ 230 immediate reduction), but also to the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which benefits from an immediate reduction of 50 euros. Folding models also have great discounts and benefits (free products, trade-in bonus, etc.). The best way to find the deal that’s right for you is from Operation Samsung’s smartphone category.

15% discount when buying three devices

If you want to renew your fleet of technical products at Samsung, you can benefit from an immediate 15% reduction by buying 3 products at the same time. Smartphones, tablets, connected objects and televisions are particularly affected. In connection with product discounts, the 15% save even more.

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Samsung is also prioritizing screens, with an immediate 20% discount on the 27-inch curved screen that is hugely popular with gamers. Televisions are also entitled to their offers with up to € 200 off and free installation for The Frame.

All offers are available until midnight on Tuesday, while stocks last. Products like the A52 or the colors of the S21 are already sold out. Take advantage of these benefits quickly. For each of these offers, we give you two final tips. The first is to carefully consult the product pages to learn about the discounts and benefits. The second is not to forget any. For example, if you are eligible for a free pair of Samsung Buds Live, you will need to add them to your cart before purchasing.

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