This co-founder is leaving the company frustrated?

Max Hodak, one of the nine co-founders of the Neuralink project launched in 2016, announced his retirement from the company on Twitter. He hadn’t wanted to add any explanations since Saturday. He simply stated that he had “learned a lot” and remained “a passionate defender of the company”.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has invested part of his fortune in this adventure to create a revolutionary interface between the brain and the machine. One of the points addressed by Neuralink is the goal of finding solutions for paralyzed people, autistic people and schizophrenics, creating a “superhuman knowledge” and ultimately revolutionizing the way we communicate.

In August 2020, Neuralink and Elon Musk presented a first prototype of the future device in full size during a conference. The hour-long event provided the opportunity to see a demonstration of the system live in a port for the first time. On April 8, the teams returned to the Internet with a new demonstration on a monkey.

A Co-Founder Leaves Frustrated?

On Twitter, Max Hodak wrote on Saturday: “Some information about me: I’m no longer with Neuralink (for a few weeks). I learned a lot there and continue to be an enthusiastic supporter of the company! Forward to new things. “”

OmeSome personal news: ✨ I haven’t been with Neuralink (for a few weeks). I learned a lot there and I’m still a great cheerleader for the company! On to new things.

– Max Hodak (@max_hodak) May 1, 2021

The Neuralink co-founder took the time to provide further details to several internet users, but details of the circumstances of his departure were not disclosed.

Ironically, he wrote that the sequel wouldn’t be Jurassic Park, referring to an older tweet he shared about the power of Neuralink’s work, but which had not only received positive reviews in the press, particularly from CNET.

Media pressure and the relentless pace at Neuralink could further explain his departure. Last year, a Stat News article gave the floor to former company employees explaining the pressure and cutting deadlines.


– Max Hodak (@max_hodak) May 1, 2021

Surprisingly, Max Hodak agreed to an answer in which he criticized his decision. One internet user wrote: “Good luck, but I’m not a fan of executives who leave a company without a single product on the market. It seems too early to me. Anyway – good luck “.

The co-founder of Neuralink replied: “Same”. The sign of frustration?

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