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This Monday, May 3rd, 2021, we invite you to discover an excerpt from the weekend news, a new, pretty useful button on Netflix, LinkedIn success tips, and the massive US investment in innovation to compete against China stay.

Do you no longer know what to see? “Launch a Title” on Netflix!

Netflix just added a new feature: “Start Track”. This is a kind of “I’m lucky” button that you can use to find a movie or series. To do this, Netflix monitors your preferences so that you are only advised on titles that you are likely to like. This button has been deployed for a few days. It will appear in several places in applications and on the website, including under your profile. Netflix is ​​therefore indirectly fighting the decline in the production of original creations in connection with the pandemic. This enables the platform to better present its funds by discovering content that you would not necessarily have gone to yourself.

Lessons from the Latest LinkedIn Study for Success

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If you are looking for a job or a new career move, we recommend reading the latest LinkedIn study to increase your chances of success. The social network has analyzed millions of emails sent by employers to job seekers. Result? Among other things, it is necessary to give short DMs to recruiters instead of Tuesday and to put an honor point to personalize your messages well every time. The professional social network has been very committed since the beginning of the crisis and offers new tools to find retraining opportunities.

China’s success is forcing the US to invest $ 100 billion in innovation

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Given China’s massive investments in innovation, especially in artificial intelligence, US senators are proposing a new Endless Frontiers Act. This text mainly secures massive investments of up to 100 billion US dollars to stimulate research and development of innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum computers and semiconductors. The United States could regain an advantage that has been dwindling in China’s favor for years. The two rooms seem pretty much coordinated, at least for the moment.

That’s all for the summary of this weekend’s news. Look for a new lemon full of vitamins from tomorrow morning to start the day off right!

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