What series or movie should you watch on Netflix tonight?

Are you standing in front of your TV and scrolling through Netflix movies and series without finding your luck? Have you already seen her on the missed evening when she researched for two hours and finally stopped looking? We’re not going to leave you like this.

To help you decide which series or film to watch on Netflix tonight, we have prepared a small selection for you. And since we’re nice, we’ve also prepared a small program with series and films on Disney + and Prime Video. It’s for us, it’s a gift!

Which series should you watch on Netflix?

Shadows and Bones: the Grisha Saga takes you to the cursed kingdom of Ravka, whose fate now rests on the shoulders of an orphan, Alina. This heroine will join the army, where she will accompany powerful magicians, the Grisha, the only walls against the thick fog that has terrorized the population for millennia. The series is inspired by a number of the cult Grisha books, but fans will get some surprises as it introduces new characters.

With a completely bizarre humor, Sexify tells the story of the talented developer Natalia and her friends Monika and Paulina, who are trying to better understand the secrets of the female orgasm. They then decide to develop an application to win an inter-university tournament and maybe one day help their contemporaries better meet their needs …

Which movie should you watch on Netflix?

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has just been added to the Netflix catalog this weekend. This Man of Steel Suited tells the story of what happened after the destruction of Metropolis. Batman decides to face Superman for fear that Superman will abuse his omnipotence. The film, one of the best in the saga, attempts to answer the question of what a superhero really is by showing the clash between an alien from Krypton and a masked vigilante alter ego owned by Bruce Wayne. You’d better hurry because a new threat looms …

Suicide Squad is the other blockbuster to land on Netflix. Secret agent Amanda Waller gathers the worst bad guys in the DC Universe and arms them to the teeth. The problem is, this good team doesn’t know they are going on a suicide mission to fight a mysterious new invincible threat. The whole question is will they accept their fate …

Which series or film should you watch on Disney + or Prime Video?

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set after the events of Avengers Endgame. We follow the adventures of Sam Wilson, aka Falcon and Bucky Barnes, Winter Soldier, in adventures that will test their friendship and show Captain America in a new light.

Tired of superheroes as models? In The Boys, superheroes are a business adventure like any other. Vought International manages the image and royalties of a team of 7 super vigilantes who turn out to be completely corrupt behind the scenes, with practically all possible flaws and a certain distance to the value of human life. A team of guards calling themselves The Boys decide to put an end to this scam the hard way.

How do I subscribe to Netflix, Disney +, or Prime Video?

Netflix offers three subscriptions starting at € 7.99 per month with plans up to € 15.99 per month. The difference between these different subscriptions is mainly due to the streaming quality (the cheapest subscription is limited to 780p quality) and the number of screens Netflix can be viewed on at the same time. Here are the details of the offers:

Netflix Essential for € 7.99 per month: Unlimited access to 1 screen in standard quality Netflix Standard for € 11.99 per month: Unlimited access to 2 screens in HD 1080p Netflix Premium for € 15.99 per month: Unlimited access to 4 screens in HD, Ultra HD, HDR10 and Dolby Vision

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Disney + offers a single subscription for 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 euros per year. At this price you have access to all the Disney catalogs you can imagine (classics, cartoons, etc.), but also to many National Geographic documentaries and, since February 2020, also to many adult films and series in the Starz section .

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Amazon Prime Video is by far the cheapest streaming platform. And it’s even possible that you’ve already subscribed to it without even knowing! In fact, Prime Video is part of the Amazon Prime subscription, a worldwide offering that is billed at $ 5.99 per month or $ 49 per year. In addition to access to the video streaming platform, the subscription provides access to free one-day delivery on Amazon, the Amazon Music streaming service, Twitch Prime, and free and unlimited storage of your photos on Amazon. Photos + 5 GB storage space on Amazon ride.

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