Facebook announces decision on Donald Trump’s website

Facebook’s decisions regarding moderation are very often criticized. And to solve this problem, the number one social network has decided to create a kind of Supreme Court called the Board of Directors, which is responsible for ruling on certain cases.

Essentially, if you disagree with a Facebook decision to delete an account or content, you have the option to contact this board of directors. The decisions of this council are applied by Facebook, with the exception of those who break the law.

In order for this board to be independent, Facebook has set up a trust fund that guarantees its functioning. And its members are not employees of the social network.

A decision on Donald Trump’s side will be made this week

In January, when supporters of Trump invaded the Capitol, many platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook decided to block the accounts of the former president. “We believe that the risk that the president can continue to use our services during this time is just too great,” said Mark Zuckerberg on the subject.

For Facebook, however, that decision was not final. The social network has urgently blocked Trump’s page, but it is the board of directors that has to decide whether the former president can continue to use Facebook.

“” […] The board accepted a referral from Facebook to review its decision to indefinitely suspend former US President Donald Trump’s access to content posting on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has also asked the board to make strategic recommendations on suspensions if the user is a political leader, ”the board wrote in a blog post in January.

“The council’s decision in this regard will be binding on Facebook and will result in the blocking of Donald Trump’s access to Facebook and Instagram being lifted for an indefinite period of time. Facebook has undertaken not to restore access to its platforms unless a decision by the supervisory board orders this, ”said this board of directors.

And this week, that council will finally announce a decision on Trump’s case, reports a CNN article. So we will know whether the former President of the United States will be banned for good or whether he will still be able to access the social network.

This news comes like recently, the board of directors of Facebook recently gave itself new powers. Breakthrough, it was only possible to appeal when Facebook deleted an account or content. Today, however, we can also use the board of directors to remove content from the social network.

The decision has already been made on Twitter

It should be noted that if Donald Trump’s lockout on Facebook is tentative pending the decision of the supervisory board on Twitter, then a final decision has already been made. As we explained to you in a previous article, even after running for the White House and being re-elected, Donald Trump will no longer be able to access his account.

“The way our policies work, if you are removed from the platform, you will be removed from the platform – whether you are a commentator, a CFO, or a past or current official,” said one. Twitter manager in an interview with CNBC.

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