Google Stadia just lost its product manager

Earlier this year, we learned of a number of reorganizations in the gaming division of Google Stadia. On this occasion, in particular, the departure of Vice President Jade Raymond was announced. She quickly joined Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Haven studio.

Internal movements on the Mountain View side continue and we have just learned that Google Stadia Product Manager John Justice has left the company. We no longer know the reasons for his departure, but the tech giant has confirmed the news to our colleagues at 9to5Google.

Google is not giving up Stadia

John Justice oversaw the customer experience of the cloud gaming platform. In the past, he had stated that he no longer wanted to talk about each new feature once it was released and that he preferred to wait. It is therefore no longer uncommon for a new product to be implemented by Google several weeks before it is officially announced.

In any case, his departure appears to be part of a restructuring of the service. However, Google Stadia is reassuring and does not intend to drop its platform. New features were also announced last week. The service has a search bar that will help you better navigate between the 172 games currently on offer.

There are also other options with the ability to sort your titles by category. A distinction is made between purchased, free, and free games, and games that you received with your Stadia Pro subscription. Google Stadia adds, “Your Stadia Activity Feed is a great way to show off your best video footage and help your friends track your game status with State Share. You can also explore other players’ content to find your next favorite game. “”

After all, the platform promises its users new games this year, starting with the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village or Hello Engineer and Farming Simulator 2.

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