League of Legends is coming to Netflix as an animated series

Following the success of League of Legends: The Origins, a documentary that brings fans, experts, and game developers from Riot Games together to detail the evolution of the phenomenon from the first free demos to the worlds of esports and production of a new one Project. An animated series called Arcane that is slated for the fall of 2021 worldwide.

Another project from the long list of video games that are processed into films or series on the various streaming platforms.

The League of Legends’ Netflix series Arcane

© Riots

It is an event that allows Riot Games to enter the audiovisual world after that of video games. With Arcane, the publisher is producing an animated series in collaboration with the French studio Fortiche Productions. The series is expected around the world in late 2021 and should appeal to all League of Legends fans.

The anime will take place in the popular game universe in the heart of the utopian region of Piltover and in the oppressed slums of Zaun, where we will discover the origins of two legendary league champions and the power that divides them.

League of Legends has gathered a huge community of fans around the world, and we’re excited to be the inclusion of the very first TV series in this universe: Arcane. The series promises a visually spectacular adventure that is sure to keep viewers in their seats.

Dominique Bazay, director of the original animation for Netflix

© Riots

Shauna Spenley, director of entertainment at Riot Games, is also very excited about this new collaboration with Netflix, but especially about the project that really aims to touch the hearts of the fans.

Arcane was created as a love letter to our players and fans who keep asking us for more cinematic experiences to take them deep into our universe and our League of Legends champions. With its incredible international brand and taste for quality products, Netflix is ​​the perfect partner to bring Arcane to our players around the world.

Shauna Spenley, director of entertainment at Riot Games

With 14 billion views, Riot Games’ video creations revolving around League of Legends show how much the community loves this type of content. More than 11 years after the game was released, the phenomenon continues to grow. Recently, the 2020 League of Legends World Cup final broke all audience records. It is the most watched competitive game in the world with a high of 45 million viewers for the grand finale.

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