Moving from Android to iOS should fix this SMS problem

Rich Communications Services (RCS) messages may allow the Google Messages application to compete with instant messaging services. The latter have caused a lot of problems for users.

In 2021, most Android brands switched to the Google application for SMS, which in particular allows messages to be sent over WiFi rather than the traditional cellular network.

One of the main problems arises when an Android user opts for iOS (Apple). Inserting your SIM card into the new iPhone can cause problems receiving your SMS. Here we explain how you can fix the problem in a few seconds.

A problem with receiving SMS

The problem looks like this: you have just switched from Android to iOS, and even though your SIM card is working on your new iPhone, you are still unable to receive some text messages from your contacts.

Even more surprising is that your Android smartphone continues to receive these messages even though it no longer has the SIM card with your phone number on it.

On your part, it is entirely possible to send text messages from your new iPhone, as well as make and receive calls. A very surprising problem. But who has an explanation and a solution.

The explanation is here. Google Messages links your number to your Google account and your Android smartphone. Since it is possible to receive SMS via WiFi, the application on your old smartphone will continue to receive the SMS and forwards it from your new iPhone (and thus from your SIM card).

Removing Wi-Fi or deleting the app may not change anything. Your phone number is still linked to this smartphone and your messages will be redirected from your new iPhone.

Two very simple solutions

Since less than June 2020, Google has been offering two very simple solutions. If you still have your Android smartphone, you must first deactivate the chat functions (i.e. RCS messages) on the smartphone. Therefore :

Go to Settings (top right). Click on “Chat Features” and then turn off the chat features

This setting says “Send messages over Wi-Fi or cellular data, when these options are available”. You now want to remove this option while your SMS is being redirected.

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What if you no longer have your old Android smartphone?

In this case, Google offers a form to deactivate the option. If you no longer have access to your Android smartphone, you will need to go to a web browser and go to this support page.

There are two easy steps to deactivate your Google Messages account using your phone number. Be sure to ask your contacts to resend any potential messages they have sent you in the meantime, as this change in RCS messages will not be retroactive to messages received earlier.

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