The next Apple Watch might notify you when you’ve had too much to drink

If the Apple Watch is number one in the connected mount market today, it is thanks to Apple’s strategy that has largely focused on health and wellbeing monitoring. For example, newer versions already include an EKG module that allows the user to receive a warning when a cardiac arrhythmia is detected so that the user can be treated as soon as possible.

The Apple Watch 6, which was released in the final quarter of 2020, also includes a sensor that measures the level of oxygen in the blood. There are already a lot of rumors circulating about the next features that Cupertino could offer its customers.

Among those rumors, some suggest that the Apple Watch 7 might be equipped with a blood sugar sensor that people can use to measure blood sugar levels without taking a blood sample. This novelty could be particularly useful for diabetics.

At the moment, of course, Apple has not yet mentioned what innovations it could bring for its next watches. This week, new information confirms the rumors about the presence of a blood sugar sensor on the next Apple Watch.

In an article published on Monday, an article by the British media telegraph is published on the Engadget website, reminding of an official document from the Rockley Photonics company. The latter specializes in sensors. According to this official document, Apple is one of the company’s customers and the collaboration for future products is still ongoing.

However, among the technologies Rockley Photonics is working on is a blood glucose sensor.

The Apple Watch could also be equipped with a blood alcohol tester

In addition to developing a blood glucose sensor for electronic products, Rockley Photonics would also offer a sensor that could … measure blood alcohol levels. At the moment nothing says that these technologies are used by Apple.

Given that the Cupertino company is focused on its health and wellbeing monitoring functions, it would make sense to use these technologies offered by Rockley Photonics.

Either way, like the blood sugar sensor, the breathalyzer could be a very popular feature that can boost Apple’s sales. Thanks to this sensor, the Apple Watch can, for example, send a warning to the user if he has had too much to drink, prevent the user from driving if he is above the allowed limit, etc.

But at the moment these are just rumors, of course. And usually we have to wait a long time for the next connected watch from Apple.

An all-terrain version for extreme athletes

A rumor is currently circulating about a new version of the Apple Watch designed for fans of extreme sports. In essence, this watch would have the same functions as the classic versions. In terms of design, however, Apple would make the product more impact-resistant, for example thanks to a rubber coating.

In any case, these rumors are circulating at a time when the demand for smartwatches and smart bracelets is expected to increase in 2021. “The normalization of economies coupled with increased interest in health and fitness will help the market grow in the smartwatch market. We expect weak double-digit growth in the medium term – possibly higher if the average sales prices fall quickly, ”estimates a Counterpoint analyst in 2020.

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