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According to a UFC Que Choisir * study, the French spent an average of 326 euros on the purchase of their smartphone in 2019. With the introduction of 5G, this number was slightly corrected upwards, so that the average budget is more between 300 and 400 euros in 2021.

Can we afford a complete smartphone in this price range? The answer is yes. The manufacturers have achieved a real upward trend in this price segment. The OPPO A94 5G, launched in April 2021, perfectly embodies this idea of ​​an excellent techno-price ratio.

Because if the French are usually not ready to pay more than 400 euros for a smartphone, they are still demanding. Autonomy in pole position appears among their selection criteria. The screen size and quality, the performance, the photo quality and the software interface embody the other important points when buying a smartphone.

With the A94 5G, OPPO perfectly meets all of these requirements and fits the average budget of a French consumer. Point by point explanations.


Autonomy is therefore the number one choice among French consumers. Good news, OPPO has always taken care of this aspect and it has done so for all price levels.

The OPPO A94 5G therefore inherits this know-how. With its 4310 mAh battery, it will last more than a day with intensive use and up to two days with moderate use.

For example, that’s 16.7 hours of online video, 7.8 hours of gaming, or 35.5 hours of streaming music. With this performance, the OPPO A94 5G is one of the most durable smartphones in its category.

Especially the VOOC 4.0 charging system with an output of 30 W. With this low-voltage charging technology, the smartphone can be fully charged in just 65 minutes without overheating. Who better say it?

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The size and quality of the screen is therefore the second criterion of choice for consumers. OPPO has therefore taken care to integrate a very comfortable panel for multimedia use and at the same time ensure a comfortable grip.

Thanks to an optimization of the size / screen ratio (only 90.8%), the OPPO A94 5G maintains a size that is compact enough for one-handed use. The margins are very thin (2mm on the top, 1.6mm on the sides and 5.53mm on the bottom) and the discreetly positioned stamp in the top left corner still saves space.

OPPO was able to equip the A94 5G with a 6.43-inch screen in 20: 9 format. And from any panel, as it is based on AMOLED technology with Full HD + definition. Choosing such a screen will allow you to enjoy an excellent contract, beautiful brightness and 16.7 million colors. Enough to make daily use very pleasant, but also to enjoy a multimedia experience with small onions.


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OPPO is a Mediatek Dimension 800U chip that is engraved at 7 nm and clocked at 2.4 GHz. It comes with a 5G modem and a Mali G57 MC3 graphics chip, 8 GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128 GB storage (expandable to 256 GB via microSD).

If the specs aren’t for you, remember that today the OPPO A94 5G ticks all the boxes of users. If it doesn’t deliver the same level of performance as the $ 1000 models, it’ll remain powerful enough to do anything. Surfing the Internet, social networks, messaging, photo editing, video, nothing scares him.

Gamers can run even the hottest licenses (Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact) with ease.

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Contrary to popular belief, the photo quality of a smartphone is only the fourth criterion when buying. This does not prevent the OPPO A94 5G from deploying a very complete photographic arsenal. Its quadruple module consists of:

a 26 mm wide angle lens (1: 1.7): 48 Mpxl (1/2 ”; 0.8 µm Photosite) sensor; electronic stabilization of a 16 mm ultra wide angle lens (1: 2.2): 8 Mpxl (1/4 “; 1.12 µm Photosite) sensor; 119 ° field of view 21 mm macro lens (1: 2.4): 2 Mpxl (1/5 “; Photosite 1.75 µm) sensor 24 mm monochrome lens (1: 2.4): 2 Mpxl sensor (1/5” ; Photosite; 1.75 µm)

Above all, OPPO accompanies all this material with functions of the Find X3 Pro, its highest quality smartphone. The OPPO A94 5G therefore adopts the night portrait mode, which, as the name suggests, allows for better quality portraits to be taken in low-light conditions.

The dynamic bokeh is also one of the most impressive novelties. Lets you apply a blur effect to a subject while recording a video.

The OPPO A94 5G can also film up to 4K at 30 fps. It has many shooting modes like HDR video, Ultra Night video, AI video, focus tracking (follows a moving subject), AI beautification (beautifies the subject), or even Dual View mode that lets you see the rear camera at the same time and the camera can film front camera.

The multiplication of sensors in connection with software optimizations therefore allows the OPPO A94 5G to be very versatile in both photo and video. Enough to spark any user’s creativity.

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The quality of a smartphone also depends on the ergonomics of its software interface. OPPO understood this well and worked a lot on its ColorOS overlay. Since arriving in France, engineers have modified, customized and tweaked the user interface to make it one of the best versions of Android.

The OPPO A94 5G therefore inherits from Android 11 with the ColorOS 11.1 overlay. Its great strength lies in its user-friendliness, which is associated with a large number of adjustment parameters. You can change the interface according to your needs, from the shape of the icons to navigation gestures, including wallpapers, animations, etc.

ColorOS also lets you customize the display, activate an eye protection mode, or manage the audio when you’re listening to music. Finally, OPPO monitors exemplary updates for a better life of its smartphones.

As you can see, the OPPO A94 5G is a perfect example of what is expected of a smartphone today. Affordable, it ticks all the boxes for a French consumer choice and more.

Because all of the points listed above are only part of the strengths of the smartphone. We didn’t mention any criteria that are less important to consumers, such as design or sound quality. Two points where the OPPO A94 5G is also very successful.

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* The UFC Que Choose Study

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