The Royal Marines, in turn, use jetpacks in training

A few years ago we admired the Dutch soldiers practicing how to handle a jetpack. This jetpack, designed by Gravity Industries, appears to have found its use in the armed forces, as it is now up to the British Royal Marines to use it. In a new video uploaded by the British company, we again see a soldier in a combat situation with a jetpack.

By approaching a ship with a small motorboat, this training command succeeded in discreetly docking the naval building thanks to the jetpack. During this exercise, too, the soldier succeeded in landing on the ship and then pulling out a ladder so that his comrades could land in turn.

Gravity Industries addresses many areas

Gravity Industries has also worked with UK emergency services to enable paramedics to reach remote areas in record time. This device is useful in many areas. The jetpack used in the video has an output of 1050 hp thanks to 4 mini jet engines on the forearms. Thanks to this immense power, Gravity Industries founder Richard Browning was able to “achieve the fastest speed in a suit powered by a body-controlled jet engine,” according to the 2019 Guinness Book of the World.

In addition, this new demonstration shows how useful the technology is in military interventions. Recently we talked about validating a major contract between Microsoft and the U.S. military to provide soldiers with HoloLens augmented reality headsets optimized for combat situations. In addition, the French company Parrot supplies its reconnaissance drones to the US military. We could also see French soldiers in training accompanied by some support robots, according to the Boston Dynamics spot.

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