Donald Trump is indirectly back on Facebook and Twitter

A few months ago, Facebook, but also (and especially) Twitter, left the field open for US President Donald J. Trump, who gathered tens of millions of followers. However, late last year, the two social networks moderated the president’s comments in their own way until he was completely ruled out in early 2021.

Donald Trump “lives” from his office

If Donald Trump’s return is not on the agenda on Facebook or Twitter, it is now possible to re-share the former president’s thoughts. Everything is happening directly from a new platform called “From Donald J. Trump’s Desk,” which is called a “Place to Speak Free and Quiet”.

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– Wiz Chadwick @ (@ChadwickWiz) May 4, 2021

The site in question enables a relatively simple web page to be displayed on which Donald Trump can express himself freely without any character restriction. However, the former Twitter fan resumes his good old habits there with relatively short messages, the main purpose of which is to share them on Twitter and Facebook.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook and Twitter will crack down on this news, even if sharing Donald Trump’s thoughts in absolute terms doesn’t violate the rules for using the platform. According to Twitter. For those most nostalgic about the Trump era, the From the Desk of Donald Trump website also offers access to a store where they can purchase hats, mugs, t-shirts, flags or even glasses. Beer.

Remember that on Facebook we are still thinking about giving Donald Trump access to the network. A board of directors actually has to decide whether the former president can use Facebook again.

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