eBay accepts cryptocurrency transactions and is interested in NFTs

More and more companies are accepting payments in digital assets. This is particularly the case with Tesla and possibly eBay in the near future. In an interview with CNBC, Jamie Iannone, CEO of eBay, said: “We are always looking for the most suitable payment methods and will continue to develop in this direction in the future.”

Right now, it’s impossible to find out more about eBay’s ambitions. We don’t know the schedule and we don’t know which cryptocurrencies will be affected. During that interview, Jamie Iannone appeared to have something to say, telling reporters at CNBC that his company was considering entering the world of NFT. The latter explains on this subject: “We are investigating the possibilities of making it easier for NFTs to access eBay. All collector’s items have been on eBay for decades and will continue to be (…) “

eBay is taking advantage of the trend

A particularly smart decision by eBay when we observe the excitement that non-fungible tokens have received over the past few months. So far, many platforms such as Nifty Gateway, SuperRare or Rarible have already benefited from this phenomenon. It remains to be seen whether we can see NFTs as a real revolution or just a fad. In France, a startup has developed Sorare, a platform that brings football and crypto together. Not so long ago, Sorare announced a € 40 million fundraiser from funds and professional players like Antoine Griezmann.

A few months ago, thanks to NFT madness, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sold the very first tweet in history for over $ 2.5 million. We could also cite other examples of unlikely sales, such as a virtual house for $ 400,000 or a slice of pizza for $ 8,824.

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