Facebook drops new signal campaign on Instagram

In case you don’t know Signal, this is a free application for Android and iOS that allows you to communicate encrypted and securely (voice and video calls, text messages or media) to ensure the highest level of confidentiality for users. Highly recommended by the famous whistleblower Edward Snowden, Signal saw an increase in new users a few months ago contrary to the new privacy policy introduced by WhatsApp.

Today Signal, also used by Mark Zuckerberg, decided to start an advertising campaign on Instagram. Something Facebook didn’t seem to like. It must be said that Signal played the provocation by trying to show users the amount of personal data that Facebook and Instagram are collecting. Thanks to the advertising tool provided by Facebook, Signal was able to place targeted advertising online in order to get those affected to react.

We wanted to use Instagram ads to highlight how ad tech is invading your privacy. Instead, Facebook closed our account: https://t.co/RCtGrIp60y pic.twitter.com/NMjz868KTe

– Signal (@signalapp) May 4, 2021

Has Facebook Really Closed Signal’s Advertising Account?

Unfortunately, we’re not doing what we want with Facebook and the giant has proven it again by removing the campaign set up by Signal. The company’s advertising account has even been disabled. Signal responded by saying, “It seems enough to be transparent about how ads use people’s data to get blocked. In the world of Facebook, the only acceptable use is to hide your activity from your audience. “

At the moment, Facebook has decided not to comment on the matter, despite a spokesman telling the American media to The Information, “It’s a coup de force by Signal that never tried to get these ads out – and we didn’t. Close your ad accounts for trying. ” Be continued …

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