Facebook made the decision on the Donald Trump case, here is its decision

As expected, Facebook’s board of directors made its decision on Wednesday, May 5th. Almost five months after the riot on Capitol Hill in Washington, US President Donald Trump is still banned from Facebook, and his account will remain so.

However, the council sought to measure its decision and not overpower Donald Trump for an “indefinite” or “definitive” period with that fate. The panel agreed that it “is not appropriate for Facebook to impose an indefinite ban on Trump”.

In its calendar, the council asks Facebook to review its decision over the next six months to “determine and justify an appropriate response according to the rules that apply to other users of its platform”.

On other social platforms, Twitter is easier. Donald Trump definitely cannot resort to the application. YouTube, which also banned the former president in January, should reconsider its election in the coming months “as soon as the immediate risk of incitement to violence has diminished,” said The Verge.

Donald Trump will not have managed to revise Article 230, part of the “Communication Decency” Act – a central element of social media moderation jurisdiction in the United States.

Like Plan B, the man has now set up his own social network, which should be able to share the ideas of the former president so that they can then be shared again by his supporters in other social networks.

This long-awaited “social network” is really just a blog.

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