Google accidentally introduces new AirPods competitors

Like many players in the smartphone market, Google offers wireless headphones. Over the past few weeks there have been rumors that the company should launch a new, affordable product called Pixel Buds A in the first half of the year.

Today this product is official. As reported by the Android Authority website, the Pixel Buds A have reached the German website of Mountain View. In particular, the name of the new product appeared in search results on the web when searching the Google website.

Subsequently, a tweet posted from the Android account announced these new wireless headphones before they were deleted. Obviously this was a mistake. As a result, Google inadvertently confirmed the existence of the Pixel Buds A, and this bug suggests that the product launch is likely to be imminent.

[U: Tweet pulled] Google accidentally announces its Pixel Buds A-series a little earlier: //

– Chrome Unboxed (@chromeunboxed) May 4, 2021

As a reminder, the company is organizing a virtual I / O conference this May. In addition to the presentation of the software innovations in its ecosystem, new products are also presented. There’s a good chance the Pixel Buds A will be part of new products that Google is introducing at this I / O conference (if the presentation doesn’t come earlier).

Also note that Google will often release some information about its future products when this Pixel Buds A premature presentation was a mistake. For example, the company has already confirmed that it will launch the Pixel 5A smartphone this year and has already given information on its availability.

An affordable alternative to Pixel Buds to better counteract AirPods?

Google is currently selling its Pixel Buds headphones for 199 euros, a price close to that of Apple’s AirPods 2. Pixel Buds A could present itself as an affordable alternative. In its recent leak, Google only states that the product allows you to enjoy high quality sound and fast pairing with smartphones via fast pairing.

Of course, we can get a better opinion about this product when it is officially launched and when we know its price. Anyway, given the trend in the wireless headphones market, it would definitely make sense for Google to come up with an affordable product.

While smartphone sales fell in 2020, wearables (a category that includes smartwatches and wireless headphones) have grown. And today Apple is still number one in the market. Still, affordable alternatives to AirPods seem to be gaining ground. For example, Xiaomi is already very well positioned thanks to its affordable wireless headphones.

In addition, a recent rumor suggests that Apple has decided to cut AirPods production this year. In fact, Cupertino would expect it to give up market share to its competitors who offer cheaper wireless headphones.

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