OVH takes control of Shadow’s cloud computing!

The Blade group, which formed the origin of the shadow cloud computing offering, has just been officially taken over by another French web giant: OVH. It is the group’s CEO, Octave Klaba, who recently announced the good news on his Twitter account. Several cases were brought before the Paris Commercial Court, which eventually settled on the plan of HubiC, the parent company of the famous host OVH.

OVH offers shade!

While we thought we were going to see Scaleway, a subsidiary of Illiad, take over the Blade company, it was HubiC who ultimately won the bet. In addition to a higher takeover price, the offer submitted by HubiC also offered lower redundancy costs, not to mention the unwavering participation and commitment since the start of the tender.

Very happy to have been selected by the Paris Commercial Court for the 1UP from @Shadow_France!

The goal is simple: to create the best cloud gaming offering in the world! We now have everything in one box: talented team, no worries about CAPEX, the global market!

– Octave Klaba (@olesovhcom) April 30, 2021

It remains to be seen what the future of Shadow will be. According to Octave Klaba, the goal is to build the world’s best cloud gaming offer, but also to offer valid alternatives to the online offers of the giants Google (G-Suite) and Microsoft (Office 365). Some were quick to point out that the OVH CEO was only mentioning a “cloud gaming” offering and not “cloud computing”.

The same Octave Klaba also wanted to confirm that Shadow France is now recruiting between 20 and 30 employees. The offers will be put online next week. Remember that several Shadow employees had already announced their departure, including Jean-Baptiste Kempf. A few hours ago, the CEO of OVH confirmed in pictures that GPU tests have already been carried out to offer new offers from Shadow France.

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