Subtitles in the form of “stickers” for the stories

When it’s not at work testing a new feature that aims to make the sacrosanct likes go away, Instagram is announcing the creation of a new option, this time with the aim of making Stories and Reels videos more accessible. This is thanks to a new system of subtitles in the form of stickers.

More accessible stories and roles

Indeed, in order to improve the accessibility of its platform, Instagram will allow the use of “sticker captions” to optimize its stories. Not only does this addition improve accessibility, it also allows hard-of-hearing or deaf users to more easily access video content, but also allows them to watch videos when they are in a location where the volume cannot be turned up.

On the operations side, users must first record their video about stories or roles and then open the “Stickers” section. A new section called “Subtitles” (or “Subtitles”) automatically converts audio to text in the form of stickers. From then on it is possible to put the different stickers on the video and change the style or position of the latter.

This new feature is initially reserved for the English-language version of Instagram only. Obviously, the platform intends to use this feature more globally, with an international launch “soon”. Note that the stickers will be available for the stories first before they will be incorporated into the reels soon.

Instagram is (again) about not being left behind by its biggest rival: TikTok. In fact, the competing platform also introduced an automatic video subtitle system a few weeks ago. An automatic captioning system that is simpler than the stickers developed by Instagram, but the latter needed to be quick to respond. It is finished.

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