Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin is behind schedule

This is one of Tesla’s largest projects. The future giant factory in Grünheide near Berlin announced in November 2019 is to produce the Model Y and Model 3 from July 2021. This launch is also good news in terms of employment, with 12,000 bids submitted.

However, this initiative encountered a number of problems, so the start of production could be postponed for six months. According to Electrek, Elon Musk’s company had significant difficulties obtaining its building permits and other environmental permits.

Too much water consumption?

In this context, the capital explains that the water consumption of the future system is in question. Its level could thus reach 3.6 million cubic meters per year, which is 30% of the volume available in the region.

Environmental activists have also been affected by the deforestation planned as part of this project, which would result in the displacement of certain animals. According to our colleagues, these setbacks would even have resulted in Tesla firing the engineer responsible for building this gigafactory in Berlin.

According to the Automobilwoche of the German media, Elon Musk himself confirmed this six-month delay until the final approval. Once production has started, the plant is also not expected to run at full speed, although it is not currently possible to determine how much production will be affected. However, the goal of 500,000 electric cars per year could be difficult to achieve right from the start.

As a reminder, Elon Musk showed a plan of the gigafactory last July. In this picture, the billionaire was literally selling dreams. You could see this futuristic style building with an entrance around a pool. The façades, fitted with large pillars, the hidden chimneys and the roof clad with solar panels to provide the facility with renewable energy, were designed for the best.

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