This is what the (smaller) notch on the iPhone 13 Max could look like

Although the next iPhones won’t be released for a few months, many Apple fans are already looking forward to these models. As usual, Apple does not share any information about its future products. Nevertheless, many rumors are already circulating about the iPhone 13 and its variants.

Accordingly, there should be no significant changes on the design side compared to the models introduced in 2020. However, Apple would have planned one more improvement: reducing the size of the notch.

And this week, a video posted from the Unbox Therapy YouTube channel gives us an idea of โ€‹โ€‹what that shrinking notch might look like. In his video, the YouTuber states that he has received a model that is supposed to represent the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Typically, these models are built from information sourced from Apple’s supply chain and can help accessory manufacturers prepare for upcoming product launches.

The model featured in the Unbox Therapy video confirms most of the rumors surrounding the iPhone 13 Pro Max, including the rumor that the next iPhones will have a smaller notch. According to the video, Apple would position the speaker at the top of the notch (whereas on previous models, the speaker would be centered). And while the notch on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 34.62 millimeters wide, that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max would be 26.31 millimeters wide.

While most manufacturers of Android smartphones have already given up the first-class design of their high-end models in favor of the bubble for the front camera, Apple is sticking to this design for the time being. But at least the company could reduce the space the notch takes up.

More information from the video

It should also be noted that the model presented by Unbox Therapy is slightly thicker than that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This could be explained by the fact that Apple could equip this model with a screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This technology could take up more space, or Apple could increase the battery capacity to compensate for the effects of a high refresh rate on autonomy.

The YouTube channel also noted that the model includes a larger camera module and sensors. However, according to some sources, Apple could also make improvements to the camera on the 2021 models.

But at the moment, of course, none of this information is official. And that’s why caution is always advisable.

These rumors of a reduction in the size of the iPhone notch are circulating while some Android smartphone manufacturers are already working on a new technology that will allow the front camera to be hidden under the screen. ZTE has already presented a model with an invisible front camera, and Xiaomi has announced that it will start producing devices with a similar mechanism starting this year.

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