Twitter buys Scroll, a paid ad blocker

The service is relatively unknown in France, but much less so in the US. Scroll, the subscription system that removes $ 5 a month ads from affiliate news sites, has been taken over by Twitter. According to our colleagues at The Verge, the social network is working on a package that will allow access to Scroll, but also to the Revue newsletter service and other functions that will be published on the platform shortly.

Specifically, scrolling creates the same effect as an ad blocker, but it’s not really one. The tool works in line with news sites (and gives them a portion of their income) to offer content without ads. Until it is integrated by Twitter, it is no longer possible to take out a subscription. However, current customers still benefit from the service.

Twitter has been stepping up its acquisitions in the past few months

Anyway, and even if Twitter hasn’t really commented on this acquisition at the moment, we can assume that the platform intends to reaffirm its central place in journalism and information. The media are already present in large numbers and the political debate is an integral part of the website. That doesn’t seem to change with the introduction of these new tools that could make the social network indispensable.

Twitter is definitely continuing its very active policy on acquisitions. In the past few months alone, the company has bought Breaker, a podcast app (which will be disappearing from Android and iOS stores) to develop the audio chat tool Spaces.

Squad, an application that allows you to share your screen with your friends, also came along. The idea is to bring its users a little closer. Finally, the company also has the neswletters Revue service in its sights. It helps authors publish and generate income from their content.

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